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Pony Gang is a Horse riding lessons stable where the magic with horses begins but never ends!

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Pony Gang Equestrian Services is a Horseback Riding School that is located in the Columbia SC area that offers Horse riding lessons for beginners up to accomplished equestrians ages 2.5 years and up. We take pride in our horse riding lesson and our riding academy program. We offer group and private through our western riding lessons and English riding lessons. We have something for everyone and love to teach all skill levels.

Horseback Riding Lessons Columbia SC

We offer Western riding lessons & English riding lessons for English and Hunter/Jumper riders

With us you can ride horses without having to own your own riding horses. Our affordable cost of riding lessons give every beginner and experienced rider the chance to take riding lessons.

Experience the Beauty of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding instruction at the Pony Gang Equestrian Services Columbia emphasizes balanced and independent seat, and to communicate with the horse without kicking the horse or yanking on the reins.

Girl riding in a trot

We train:

Riders legs to stay in proper position

Maintaining a proper body position

Correctly using leg and weight aids

To not rely on stirrups for balance

Equitation and Balance is key to riding horses no matter if you ride Western or English - and it is always the main foundation on which our Horseback riding program is based on.

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Why is Horse Riding a great alternative to other sports?

Horses will teach your child/children:







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Western Riding Lessons

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English Riding Lessons

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Tiny Tot Riding Lessons

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What parents have to say about us

"Pony Gang was a great experience for my 12 year old! She learned how to care for horses, not just how to ride. Safety was always top priority and my daughter would gain confidence with each lesson. Grooming and spending time with Sparky (her heart horse) made her very happy. We had to leave Pony Gang due to a new duty station."

Ricki Rhodes

"Great place to learn how to ride and Learn everything you need to know about horses! Great trainers that care. My daughter loves this place. Highly recommend for all ages. They have a great homeschool program as well."

Elena M

What are the Health benefits of riding horses?

Develops core strength

Improves coordination

Encourages trust

Exercises the mind

Develops problem solving skills

Increases socialization

Creates times to relax

Improves mental state

Increases muscle tone and strength

Provides opportunities to compete


The Farm

Can I visit PES farm

You are welcome to visit us for a tour. Please contact us first so we can choose a time we are available in between lessons and caring for the horses. We don't accept walk ins.

Do you offer trail rides

No, We do not offer trail rides at all. We also don't offer individual lessons for a fun weekend activity for families.

Can I bring my child out for a pony ride?

No. The only way to ride here at PES is to be part of our lessons program. New riders stay on a lunge line or lead line until riding comfortable in an balanced seat.

Who big is PES farms

PES farms itself is 28 acres with access to 12 more acres. We have a 200x100 and 80x40 outdoor arena plus a 60ft round pen

How much weight can a horse carry?

A horse can carry about 20% of its own body weight, provided the rider is well balanced and experienced. We limit our riders to 190 lbs to maintain the health of our school horses.

How does PES differ from other riding programs? 

PES differs from other lesson programs in three main ways:

1. We have clear levels and a written curriculum with specific goals and outcomes that our instructors follow so you know what your student is supposed to be learning, and you can see how they are advancing.

2. Most programs sell individual lessons, whereas we only sell our lessons as part of a quarterly session with monthly payments. We do this so that students are able to learn horse handling and riding skills in a consistent and productive environment.

3. Our working students program is dedicated to teaching horsemanship & stablemanagment skills so that students get a well-rounded education and are able to safely handle and care for horses in addition to riding.


Do you offer individual lessons or trail rides?

No, we only offer private and individual lessons as part of our one quarter long sessions. We do not offer trail rides at all.


Are the horses/ponies good for beginners? What about advanced riders?

We have a wonderful group of horses and ponies for all ages and experience levels and will pair you with a horse/pony that suits your needs.

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Can I choose which horse/pony I get to ride?

Horses are chosen by our instructors based on the experience, height and weight of the rider and also horse temperament and availability. You are welcome to chat with your instructor about which horses you’d like to ride but ultimately, the decision is up to them.

Can I ride the same horse/pony every lesson?

No, again, our instructors will choose which horse you will ride. We care about your education as a rider and learning how to ride on different horses is very important!

When will my child change horses/ponies?

The horse or pony a student rides depends on their level and abilities. As a student’s abilities increase, we will change the horse that they ride. It’s important that students be matched to an appropriate horse so that they are safe and not “over mounted.” As the student progresses, they will change horses. This change will present them with new challenges and new learning opportunities.

Do we have to purchase a horse/pony?

No. Purchasing a horse is a personal choice that the rider and their family should discuss when the time comes. At some point in a student’s riding career, it’s nice to have their own horse. Lesson horses can be dull and unresponsive. However, horses and ponies can be leased. If a student continues riding at PES and wishes not to purchase or lease a horse, there are options to help the student to continue to progress. However, if a student wishes to compete for and pursue year-end awards, they’ll need to lease a horse or pony.

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Our Horseback Riding Lesson Instructors Are The Best teaching Western riding lessons and English riding lessons in Hopkins SC
With over 45 years of horse experience, the Pony Gang Team moved their business from Germany to South Carolina and brought 9 of their ponies with them to create Pony Gang Equestrian Services in Hopkins, SC. The team member dedicate their days to caring and working with their horses.

But the highest enjoyment for them is to share their knowledge of horse, the care and correct riding with their students. Lessons are planned to the goals of the riders and they are paired with a horse or pony that matches their riding ability.

Mrs. Stefanie

Mrs. Angi

Mrs. Stefanie

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